Biolamination is a fairly new service of beauty salons and hairdressers. So new that some hairdressers don’t even know about it. So what is biolamination?


A special composition of natural cellulose and proteins is applied to the hair pre-treated with a special slightly alkaline shampoo. After application, the composition is kept for 20-25 minutes and the hair is washed. Biolamination as a method is based on the process of ionic interaction. Negatively charged particles of the biolaminate composition are attracted to positively charged hairs. All this happens in an environment with a lower pH level, which acts as a catalyst. As a result, the composition tightly envelops the hair and forms a protective film around it, while proteins add shine and elasticity.

The result of biolamination

As a result, split ends are soldered, irregularities are smoothed out, and the hair dye lasts much longer, fades and is washed off more slowly. Your paint will remain the same color until the biolaminate is washed off the hair. And this happens on average after 3-4 weeks — this is how much biolaminate usually lasts, provided that you do not go to the sauna very often. Only after that will the paint begin to fade and wash off. You can repeat biolamination at any time — it is absolutely safe.

Due to the additional layer of cellulose, each hair, and hence all hair together, increases in volume by 10-15%. Biolamination makes hair smooth and manageable, styling and hair takes much less time. There is no need to use additional chemicals, which is also only a plus for the health of your hair. In addition, when heated, the composition for biolamination becomes plastic, so hair and hair styling can be easily done with just a hair dryer. The cellulose shell also has water-repellent properties, which is especially useful for you in wet weather.

The composition that is applied to the hair during biolamination is absolutely harmless. Moreover, it is even useful due to the content of natural components and the properties of cellulose. It does not clog the hair and allows them to breathe.

Cellulose also protects against external influences of high temperature, dust, sun, salts in water. In addition, the composition of the biolaminate includes other plant components that additionally care for the hair. It does not contain diamine-based components, therefore it is odorless and does not cause allergic reactions.

Color spectrum

In addition to transparent biolaminate, there are also about 20 different shades of it (chestnut, beige, red, chocolate, red, purple, orange, yellow, green and others). Those. in addition to restoring and protecting hair, you can also get absolutely safe hair toning.

Cosmetics for biolamination

There are two ways to apply biolaminate. The first method was developed by Paul Mitchel (USA). Due to the heating of the laminating lotion, the lipids of the biolaminate dissolve and envelop the hair.

The second way is the technology of the Japanese company Lebel Cosmetics, when the biolaminate is activated thanks to a special lotion. Both technologies are similar in their results and absolutely safe, but cosmetics from Lebel Cosmetics are slightly more popular among specialists.

I would also like to note that in many salons, along with biolamination, you can be offered biostyling and biowave. How do they differ from the old and familiar styling and curls? Read about it in the following articles! In the meantime, follow the latest trends and new technologies in the world of beauty — they will help you not only look beautiful, but also stay healthy at the same time!

Author: Vladimir Selivanov

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