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Hair biowave is another procedure that, thanks to the latest developments of chemists and technologists, is relatively harmless to hair and has already gained its popularity in beauty salons.

Biowave. Technology Fundamentals

How is a biowave so different from a regular perm? Let’s first understand what you mean by «regular perm». There are traditional thermal (or neutral) perm, chemical perm, and for 10 years now there has also been a bioperm. Traditional curling is the most harmless way to create curls and curls. Wet hair dries, arranged in a certain shape, fixed in something, for example, in curlers. The main disadvantage of this simple and safe hair styling method is that it does not last very long — up to a maximum of 2 days. Perm uses various active chemicals to fix the hair. Usually it is ammonia, thioglycolic acid and hydrogen peroxide, which have a serious impact on the health of the hair. Modern combinations of chemicals allow you to create almost any shape and size of the cherished curls, and additional funds reduce the degree of influence on the hair. But, obviously, for the hair, this step of yours is not at all enthusiastic.

In 1999, intelligent people from an Italian company Green Light created the Mossa curling technology, unique at that time, which did not contain any chemical ingredients in the active composition that damage the hair structure and scalp. After that, of course, other companies developed their products and technologies for biowave, but this company still remains the leader in the world market.

Before biowave, if you have weak and brittle hair, experts advise to carry out several procedures for hair reconstruction. Then the biowave will last longer. Immediately before the biowave, the hair is treated with a special shampoo that cleanses the hair shaft and opens the hair cuticle.

At the first stage biowave hair, evenly wound on curlers, is treated with a special composition for curling based on cysteamine hydrochloride. The active substance penetrates deep into the hair and saturates it with protein. Cysteamine hydrochloride is very similar to cystine — the most important molecule that connects the internal fibers of the hair with disulfide bonds. Neither ammonia nor thioglycolic acid have such an affinity, so biowave is practically harmless to hair.

At the second stage biowaves apply a neutralizer to the hair to thicken the protein. The composition contains sodium bromide and restores sulfur bridges in the hair structure. Unlike a perm, the neutralizer does not contain hydrogen peroxide, therefore it is harmless, does not change the color of the hair and does not dry it out.

At the third stage the hair is untwisted and a fixative is applied, which returns the natural acidic PH to the hair, moisturizes it and protects the surface of the shaft. As a result: the hair cuticle is closed and the hair is strengthened from the inside.

Benefits of biowave

The cost of a biowave, of course, depends on the length of the hair and on the particular salon and master, but on average, the amount starts from 500 UAH. What do you get as a result?

For biowave, 3 complexes of preparations have been developed for various types of hair — natural, strong and difficult, as well as for damaged ones. Therefore, you can curl your hair in any condition, but depending on the specific case, the specialist will offer you several sessions of hair reconstruction and restoration.

Depending on the structure of the hair, its condition, the size and shape of your curls, the biowave lasts from 3 to 9 months. The undoubted advantage of biowave is that after it, after 2 weeks, you can safely dye your hair. And if your curls bother you, then you can straighten them by stretching them when drying with a hair dryer. After the next wash, the curls will return! With all this, hair needs regular care — do not forget about it!

Thanks to protein filling during biowave, the hair becomes healthier, improves its structure, looks free and natural. This allows you to even correct mistakes and consequences from a perm. With biowave, the color of the hair and its structure are completely preserved, so over time you will not have a pronounced line of regrown hair. The persistence of biowave allows the master to perform real miracles and fulfill almost any client’s fantasies — getting different styles, curling at the roots, combining different shapes and sizes in different parts of the hair, as well as dyeing hair after curling.

Have you already decided to experiment? Our Catalog will help you choose a beauty salon, and we advise you to take the choice of a master seriously. Biowave should be carried out only by an experienced specialist, because in addition to observing a whole set of procedure rules (the order of applying the compositions, holding time intervals, proper hair styling), the master, depending on the condition of your hair, selects the necessary combination of products. Therefore, listen to the advice and experience of friends and acquaintances who have already undergone this procedure, and go ahead!

Author: Vladimir Selivanov

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