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Beautiful and well-groomed legs are the dream of many. A procedure such as a hardware pedicure will help get rid of rough skin, and make nails beautiful

Classic pedicure has always been one of the most popular self-care procedures not only among women, but also among the stronger sex. After all, neat feet are not only beautiful, but also hygienic and pleasant. In addition, by properly caring for the skin of the feet, regularly adjusting the length and shape of the nails, many diseases can be avoided, including ingrown nails, corns, calluses, and even flat feet.

For many years, there were no alternatives to the classic pedicure in foot care. However, thanks to the rapid development of technologies in medicine and cosmetology, many procedures have appeared that are more effective and at the same time safe and even pleasant. One of these procedures was a hardware pedicure. It not only helps to get rid of all the “excess” better, but is also safe and absolutely non-traumatic.

Hardware manicure procedure

Sitting in a chair for a hardware pedicure master, you will be surprised. Indeed, in this procedure there is no such familiar stage as steaming legs in water. Instead, a light massage will be performed using special creams that soften keratinized skin. It should be noted that such ointments affect only “dead” tissues, which is the first positive difference between a hardware pedicure and a classic one.

After your feet are prepared for the procedure, the master will begin to use a special apparatus with various grinding attachments. With the help of them, rough skin and corns are removed from the surface of the foot, making the skin soft and tender. At the same time, you are completely protected from injuries or infections, since the “cutting” method is not used at all in this procedure. The use of nozzles allows you not to deliver you unpleasant or painful sensations.

Using the same nozzles, the master will polish the skin in all the most inaccessible places on the feet (between the fingers, for example), correct the shape and length of the nails. Since the cuticle is not removed during the hardware pedicure, but only slightly aligned, this eliminates the possibility of cuts. And the hardware pedicure procedure ends with a relaxing massage using oils or creams.

The procedure should be repeated every 3-5 weeks.

Advantages of hardware pedicure

Definitely, this procedure has a lot of advantages in comparison with the classic pedicure. The main ones are:

  • Absence of injuries, cuts, inflammations and infections
  • Save time (the procedure lasts only about 30 minutes, and the result lasts longer)
  • With the help of a hardware pedicure, you can easily and painlessly get rid of an ingrown nail or very deep corns and calluses.
  • If you regularly do this procedure, the skin will begin to coarsen much more slowly (after all, the protective function does not work in the skin, as with rough pruning)
  • Hardware pedicure has no contraindications

Disadvantages of hardware pedicure

This procedure, unfortunately, is not ideal and has its drawbacks. These include:

On running legs, the result will not be visible immediately

If you have deep cracks on your feet or other cardinal dermatological problems, then you will not see the result immediately, because. the hardware pedicure procedure is quite gentle and does not remove a thick layer of skin tissue. However, after 3-5 sessions, the skin will become softer, but most importantly, it will lose its tendency to crack or become very coarse.

Cost of the procedure

Unfortunately, while the cost of this procedure is not particularly encouraging. In Kyiv, prices for hardware pedicure start from 300 hryvnia.

What to pay attention to

hardware pedicureSince hardware pedicure is a fairly new procedure on the market, not many people know what tricks and pitfalls to expect when going to a session. There are two questions that should definitely be clarified before sitting in a chair.

Master qualification

Feel free to ask where the master studied, what experience he has in performing a hardware pedicure. And even better, go to the specialist who was recommended to you by friends or acquaintances. It will not be superfluous to find out how powerful the apparatus with which the procedure is performed. If, for example, it runs on batteries, and not on the mains, then you should think about the level of professionalism of the master (a professional tool in 99% of cases works on the mains, because the batteries do not have enough energy for a long period of time).

Feel free to ask questions, because in the case of a poorly executed hardware pedicure, in a week the legs will look untidy. And with inept use of the device, you can damage the nail plate or a soft area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe skin.

The order of the procedure

Very often in salons they offer a “mixed” pedicure, proudly calling it “hardware”. This procedure involves steaming the legs, as well as the use of elements of edged and hardware pedicure. Of course, this option will also probably give a good result, but it will not provide you with complete safety and will not eliminate all the disadvantages of the classical procedure (cuts, infection, the ability to remove not only dead skin, but also “alive”). Therefore, when signing up for a session, check how the procedure goes.

Let self-care bring you joy!

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Author: Natalia Kay

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