Barbell pull to chin


The chin row is one of the best exercises for working on the trapezius and middle delts, and doing it regularly will improve your posture.

Benefit exercises

In bodybuilding and fitness, barbell chin rows are performed primarily to work on the mass and relief of the middle and upper trapezius and middle deltoid muscle, as well as drawing a clear separation between them.

This exercise will help improve athletic performance in sports such as wrestling, American football, volleyball, basketball, gymnastics and many others.

Execution technique exercises

The pull of the bar to the chin is an exercise in which the shoulder joints and hands experience an increased load, so if you have had any problems with these areas, then it is not recommended to perform traction. And even if everything is in order with your shoulders and hands, do the exercise with caution.

1. Take the barbell with an overhand grip, so that the distance between the palms is 7-9 cm less than the width of the shoulders. Straighten your back, bend a little in the lower back, keep the line of the chin parallel to the floor. Hold the bar on straightened arms, touching the hips with the bar. This is the starting position.

2. Inhale and, holding your breath, holding the bar as close to the body as possible and spreading your elbows to the sides, gently raise the bar to the chin. At the top of the movement, the bar should almost touch the chin, and the elbows should be above the shoulders.

3. Having reached the top point, linger for a fraction of a second and, as you exhale, also smoothly lower the barbell to its original position.

4. Perform the required number of repetitions.

It is important:

When performing the exercise, watch the movement of the elbows: spreading the elbows, pull them vertically upwards, and as you approach the chin, pull back a little so that the bar rises as close to the chest as possible.

Do not reduce the distance between the palms: too narrow or vice versa wide will reduce the range of motion.

Do not rush to increase the weight of the burden, otherwise the beneficial effect of the performance will be low, and the likelihood of injury will be high. Work with a weight at which you do not resort to cheating even on the last repetition.

Do not rock your torso back and forth, or relax your lower back and abs while doing a row, as this reduces stress on the target muscles and can lead to spinal injury.

Working muscles when pulling the barbell to the chin

  • trapeze
  • deltoid muscles (especially the middle bundle, to a lesser extent the anterior)

Also, the muscles of the upper chest, biceps and anterior serratus muscles work slightly.

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