Autumn is not a reason to get sick: we increase immunity


In autumn, along with seasonal melancholy, the first colds and ailments come to visit us. Follow a few simple rules to stay healthy and full of energy

When outside the window the greenery is replaced by gold, and the rains are increasingly knocking on the eaves, many of us begin to complain not only of a pessimistic mood, but also of ailments, colds, sore throats, bronchitis. And the cooler the air gets outside, the easier it is to catch a runny nose or cough.

Such ailments are most often the result of a decrease in the protective functions of the body. What to do so that the cold does not become a frequent visitor and instead of lying in bed, you can fully enjoy the golden season? Follow simple rules that will help you boost your immunity in the fall.

Rule number 1. Walk in the fresh air

With the onset of cold weather, the desire to go outside disappears for many. But in vain. After all, walking is one of the most effective ways to boost immunity in the fall. However, in this rule, there is a clarification. You should spend time outdoors.

In order for the walk to be beneficial, go out of town, or at least to the nearest park. Whereas quick runs home from work along gas-polluted roads will not only do you no good, but rather harm you. Indeed, in this case, you intensively fill the lungs with exhaust gases of cars passing by, and this leads to headaches, suffocation and other more serious problems.

Rule number 2. Eat healthy

Nutrition and immunity are two closely related concepts. Depending on what your diet consists of, how, how much and when you eat, the state of your health depends.

The main problem of switching to the “autumn diet” is the partial or complete rejection of fruits and vegetables, which give our body a huge amount of vitamins, trace elements and other useful substances. Most often this happens due to the seasonal absence or significant increase in the price of your favorite vegetables or fruits. Therefore, it is necessary to find substitute products that can make up for the lack of nutrients in the diet, thereby supporting the functioning of the immune system. Moreover, the counters of modern stores make this transition almost painless, and oranges and bananas are no worse than apples and pears replenish the reserves of vitamins and minerals.

Rule #3

Stress, physical and mental overload is one of the main factors in reducing immunity in the fall. After all, if the body does not get rest, it does not have the opportunity to recover.

As studies by Ukrainian sociologists show, it is the autumn time, and not the New Year holidays at all, that is the psychological start for new beginnings in life — children go to school, someone changes jobs, all these events create additional emotional and physical stress on the body. And for many, immunity decreases in the fall, even in the absence of visible reasons for this. According to scientists, the root cause of this is the “September 1st Syndrome,” which most of us have developed due to long school and student years.

In addition, autumn is also an intermediate period regarding the perception of rest for most people. After all, summer leisure is no longer available due to changing weather conditions, and consciousness has not yet adapted to winter. This means that much more often than at any other time of the year, in the fall, instead of resting, we, without inventing an occupation for ourselves, easily agree to additional hours of work, filling our free time with them.

To avoid the possible consequences of a decrease in immunity, try to pay special attention to rest. Don’t ignore sleep. Its amount should be sufficient (on average 8-9 hours per day). Also regularly give yourself a psychological and physical relaxation — get out with friends in nature, play active games or just change the situation, pulling yourself out of the «working» cycle and, for example, go to the cinema or theater.

Rule #4

Moderate physical activity is a win-win way to boost immunity in the fall. Just like any other time of the year. After all, playing sports will not only help you stay in good physical shape, but also make your body be more active and stronger. Giving the body load, you activate the metabolism, train the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. As a result, the body’s resistance to all ailments increases significantly.

In addition, sports will give you a lot of pleasant bonuses in the form of a beautiful and harmoniously developed body and good physical health. And it will not be difficult to choose an activity to your liking, because there are gyms, dance studios, and yoga centers at your service. Attend trial classes, choose classes you like and start working on your immunity!

Rule #5

The benefits of hardening have been known for a very long time, but in the autumn days this process is especially relevant. Hardening helps to activate and strengthen all the protective functions of the body. However, you should not “take it right off the bat” by taking an ice shower and taking other cardinal steps. The body is weakened in autumn, and such an approach can harm it. If you approach the process of hardening wisely, then getting used to the cold should occur smoothly and gradually. You can start with a contrast shower with a small temperature difference. Gradually increase the temperature difference, listening to your feelings.

And finally, I would like to remind you of another way to increase immunity — a smile! Indeed, with a good mood, you can easily stomp through the puddles, and having wet your feet, you will not earn a cold, but only get a reason for a joke. Therefore, throw away the autumn blues and enjoy every day you live!

Be healthy!

Author: Natalia Kay

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