A new method of hair restoration is being developed


Under certain conditions, some skin cells can become stem cells and form hair follicles.

American scientists after a series of experiments confirmed that in mice, some skin cells can turn into hair follicle cells, from which new hair grows. Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania, while studying the process of skin regeneration, noticed that when wounds heal, genes characteristic of follicle stem cells are activated in some skin cells. Indeed, after a while these cells formed follicles and new hair grew from them. This process has been identified in mice of all ages. Also, the Wnt protein was involved in the process of cell transformation, which doubled the density of the hairline.

Although the transformation of epidermal cells has been documented in mice, scientists believe that human epidermal cells may also have such properties. Researchers believe that in order to start the process of the formation of new follicles and hair growth, a slight traumatic effect on the skin is necessary. As, for example, with dermabrasion — the removal of a small surface layer of the skin to smooth out scars and small wrinkles.

Today, baldness is treated mainly through drugs that increase blood flow to the scalp and follicles, as well as by transplanting follicles from other parts of the body. But scientists consider the new method, with the successful completion of research and clinical trials, a promising and fairly simple solution to the problem of baldness.

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