5 rules for nail care


In order to have beautiful well-groomed hands, it is not necessary to be a frequenter of beauty salons. Simple nail care tips will help you save time and money

Having a beautiful manicure is much easier than it seems. And for this it is not at all necessary to visit a beauty salon with enviable regularity. The following rules along the way for nails will help you achieve the perfect manicure:

Rule number 1. natural wool

When washing off nail polish, use natural cotton sponges. Unlike cotton, synthetic wool is harmful to nails. Indeed, during friction, it becomes a source of a small discharge of static electricity, and also mechanically injures the surface (the fibers of synthetic wool are much coarser and larger than those of cotton). Of course, after a single use, you will not feel much difference. However, over time, the nail plate will react to all irritants with brittleness, delamination and loss of luster.

In addition, removing the cover using organic cotton will save time. After all, synthetic sponges absorb much worse, which leads to smearing of the varnish and the need to re-wipe the surface.

Rule number 2. Short nails are in fashion

Is it worth saying that “nails-claws” are no longer relevant? Today, all over the world, fashionistas demonstrate cute «baby» nails. And this fashion is only in the hands of fans of quick nail care. After all, a short manicure is more reliable (nails break less often), convenient and practical. In addition, to apply the coating on small nails, you need significantly less time. And the shape of the nail plate will be much easier and faster to correct. So arm yourself with a file and remove all unnecessary.

Tip number 3. Cutting is prohibited

Once a week, use a mild cream or gel to remove cuticles. First, it is convenient and fast. Secondly, such nail care does not require special skill. And thirdly, unlike a cut manicure, the soft dissolution of the cuticle is “not addictive”, and the nails will always look neat and beautiful.

By the way, do not cut your nails themselves. When using scissors or forceps, it is very easy to damage the nail plate (chips, bends, etc.). It is much more useful and less traumatic to shorten an overgrown nail with a soft file.

Rule number 4. Correct» coverage

Be sure to use a base coat. This will not only help protect the nail from pigmentation and the harmful effects of varnish, but also strengthen the nail plate. The main thing is to choose the right «your» tool.

If you prefer a natural manicure, then cover your nails with a layer of base (clear polish) anyway. So you protect the nail plate from harmful external influences and give your nails a well-groomed look, and manicure — completeness.

If you decide to apply a decorative coating on your nails, follow these tips:

1. The coating (even very rich and thick) should be applied in at least two layers. Such a manicure will be more durable, and the color will be saturated, without «gaps».

2. Allow the first coat to dry before applying the second coat. Otherwise, you can «lubricate» all the beauty, even if the top of the manicure already seems dry.

nail care

3. If you make a mistake and touch the varnish somewhere or the coating is not even, wipe it off and reapply. Do not «draw» a miss. It is in the places of irregularities that chipping of the coating is most often formed.

4. Use a fixer. It will give the color of the coating depth and shine. In addition, it is the use of a high-quality fixative that will help you make your manicure a third more durable, which means it will save time and money.

5. Even if you really need to quickly dry the varnish, in no case do not use a hair dryer. Firstly, a strong air flow can cause the varnish to “run off”. And secondly, this method can lead to overdrying of the skin of the hands, and as a result, peeling, serrations of the cuticle, the appearance of hangnails, etc.

Rule number 5. Regular care

In addition to the basic cuticle and coating procedures, which should be performed approximately once a week, do not forget to care for your hands in between periods. To keep your hands beautiful longer, moisturize the skin on the palms, cuticles and the base (bed) of the nail plate. To do this, you should make it a habit to regularly use cuticle oil, which should be gently rubbed into the base of the nail at least once a day. In addition, always carry a quality hand moisturizer with you. Use it every time you feel your skin dry out.

Let your hands please you with their grooming and beauty!

Author: Natalia Kay

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